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Lots of information today. 🤯🤯🤯

So I’ll pick this one. Solar system baffling the scientists. 😂

How about we just settle on God created the heavens and the earth. Then, He strategically made Venus spin the opposite way. For the purpose of baffling humans and getting a good laugh while they spend centuries trying to figure it out. Can’t tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor. 😂

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Strength, courage, hope:

For all of them were trying to frighten us, thinking, “They will become discouraged with the work and it will not be done.” But now, O God, strengthen my hands.

— Nehemiah 6:9

‘Do not fear, for I am with you;

Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you, surely I will help you,

Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

Behold, all those who are angered at you will be shamed and dishonored;

Those who contend with you will be as nothing and will perish.

— Isaiah 41:10-11

Blessed be the Lord,

For He has made marvelous His lovingkindness to me in a besieged city.

As for me, I said in my alarm,

“I am cut off from before Your eyes”;

Nevertheless You heard the voice of my supplications

When I cried to You.

O love the Lord, all you His godly ones!

The Lord preserves the faithful

And fully recompenses the proud doer.

Be strong and let your heart take courage,

All you who hope in the Lord.

— Psalm 31:21-24

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A retired doctor friend who is very aware of what is going on with the medical community, Jab and our world, was admitted to hospital unrelated to Covid. Without his knowledge or consent, he was injected with the spike 2x in one day! He’s letting friends know as no one knows what’s going to happen. Medical malpractice!!!!

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Regarding bullying:

On 9/11 I was working in Europe. As I sat at my computer staring at the twin towers fall over and over, my boss came over to me and said sadly, "I'm very sorry for what happened, but your country deserved it for the way it meddles in the affairs of other countries." That was the first time I had ever heard anything other than that we were a shining light on a hill.

America has been bullying other countries for a very long time. Our government is more like a cheating, cruel husband who pays his wife an exceedingly generous allowance. She pretends to trust him, and he pretends to be faithful. They both know it's a big, fat lie, but they both benefit. If a pregnant girl showed up at the front door though, the façade would be destroyed, and there would be consequences.

It's the same here. The FBI is pregnant with corruption and just showed up at the front door. The divorce is going to be a legendary.

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Too bad they ain't raiding Pfizer, WHO offices, WEF alumni...

Clear and present danger.

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Writing of well established scientific facts, I am currently listening to the audio version of Peter H. Duesberg's book Inventing the AIDS Virus. The parallels between what happened with AIDS and how the virus from China has been handled are numerous. And guess what? Anthony Fauci looms large in both of them. It's a book well worth reading as it gives deep insights into how funding from the federal government sways scientists from working on stuff that should be worked on while reinforcing a convenient and profitable narrative for Big Pharma.

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I really hate getting to the end of y/our Coffee and Covid updates! It is a small uptick in this otherwise sad state we find ourselves in.

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I'll never accept the idea of returning to school before August is even halfway over. When I was a kid (yep, one of those posts) we took our 2-week vacation DURING the first two weeks of August. We went back to school AFTER Labor Day. And I lived in upstate New York, so naturally we walked to and from school uphill both ways, in the snow.

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When all else fails to stop Trump, there’s the asteroid!🤣

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Where's DeSaintis? Should we put out a BOLO? His initial tweet was very tepid, sounded just like McConnell's tweet.🤔

FBI/DoJ are looking for the declassified evidence Trump has of their corruption and abuse of powers. They're acting out of fear. I love Trump because they're TERRIFIED of him!

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"“If you’re going to prosecute an ex-president, your case must be simple, clear, and damning. It must also avoid novel legal theories and any whiff of selective prosecution.”

Hasn't that ship already sailed? Didn't it sail when Hillary, who lost the race for president and will NEVER be president, unlike Trump who as president (which Hillary will never be) had limitless power to DEclassify anything under the sun, when Hillary was caught with a private server in her bathroom on which were numerous classified documents and Hillary, who destroyed evidence AFTER it was subpoenaed, was never raided, indicted, prosecuted, or imprisoned for such egregious criminal acts? As compared to a submariner who took 6 pictures of the inside of his submarine, for personal use only, and landed in the hoosegow?

Those jackelopes at National Review, to whom I will never give another click, STILL think selective prosecution isn't the stock in trade of the DOJ and the FBI? SFB, they have. (F=for, B=brains)

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The part about Perry and his phone really pisses me off! They now can destroy any of our reps at any time. Almost like our republic is dead? Your prediction of indictments is spot on. Divide and conquer is the enemy’s normal operation. Divide Americans up so they can Build Back Better w a total new form of control. Sadly this slow boil is working … for now.

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Thank you for another amazing morning brief. Your wit and sarcasm makes the news more palatable. I'm just going to throw this out there, if there is a race that they will cheat on, it will be the Chaney race. Can you imagine how "upset" she would be if she lost after all that she has done for the democrats?

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“I’ve noticed over the years that many odd mysteries of science ultimately result in scientists throwing their hands up in the air and invoking asteroids, as a kind of temporary deus ex machina which papers over the embarrassing gaps in scientific knowledge, until scientists can cook up a better theory.”

This just happened to me the other day. When I cited the Black Plague as proof of the existence of viruses/contagion, the possible explanation provided was interstellar debris 🤔 No disparagement intended as this was from one of the more reasonable virus skeptics, but it is supporting evidence for your statement above.

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Jeff. No commentary on the requirement for the DOJ to issue the warrant reasons by Aug 15? That came out late yesterday fox news epoch times and newsmax ran the story. Reinhardt issues a summons to DOJ to come clean. Why would the magistrate do that? Who would have forced his hand or is he caving to pressure?

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I guess i'll have to buy some Burner phones for when the FBI comes to my door. Ill just hand them one.

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