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YES!!! Let’s multiply our Hero, Dr. McCollugh!! Boom!

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We need to support McCullough in any way possible. He’s been so supportive of “the truth.”

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Totally support McCullough. But also , I think we need to support Dr Gold and Aflds!!!! We were able to get early treatment because of her fearlessness to get Adela up and running! Without them, my husband and I would have suffered much worse through delta/ possible original wuhan variant! We also had friends and family members use them to get through that gate variant. Let’s not forget who got us meds when we needed them❤️

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Definately Do A Multiplier Operation For Dr Peter Mc Cullough. He Is One Of Our Truth Speaking "HIPPOCRATIC OATH HERO'S." He should be nominated for a NOBEL PRIZE.

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Yes! I am totally in favor of a multiplier for Dr McCullough!

I’ve heard that the same board is going after Dr Pierre Kory’s license. He and Dr McCullough have been two of the most outspoken American docs (along with Paul Maric) that have been treating patients, testifying to Congress, doing research, heading up FLCCC, etc etc etc!!

I’ve often wondered when they sleep.

I can’t believe that they’re still going after them! We must do everything we can to support our medical heroes, as they have done for us. ❤️

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Dr. McCullough also recently released his book. “The courage to face COVID-19” Buy a copy if you can!


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Reading such disturbing and surreal news points causes me to feel like I’m stuck in a poorly written end times novel that is somehow also a twisted comedy of errors, replete with foolish, bumbling characters playing with deadly weapons…

Of course the Bible has something to say about fools…but also some encouragement for His people, the righteous:

Though you pound a fool in a mortar with a pestle along with crushed grain,

Yet his foolishness will not depart from him.

— Proverbs 27:22

Behold, they belch forth with their mouth;

Swords are in their lips,

For, they say, “Who hears?”

But You, O Lord, laugh at them;

You scoff at all the nations.

Because of his strength I will watch for You,

For God is my stronghold.

My God in His lovingkindness will meet me;

God will let me look triumphantly upon my foes.

— Psalm 59:7-10

Thank you, Jeff, for digesting the news, forming it into slightly less nauseating bites, and seasoning it with your sarcasm and wit. It’s the only version of current events I can stomach!

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Dear Jeff, we do need to multiply Dr McCullough. He’s a hero. But, we need to do more. Could you publish the names of the board members and their contact information? At minimum, we can individually give them feedback and our thoughts about what they are doing. I’d like to have the history on each of them. I mean - their CVS. I spent years in my healthcare career working with physicians in CME. Something has gone terribly wrong with our medical leadership. I KNOW there are good doctors out there who wouldn’t even contemplate removing a license from a well regarded doctor. Who are these people? Can they do this because they are “safe” in crowd behavior? It’s time to start singling them out from their pack and make them be accountable for their actions.

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Yes, please support Dr. McCullough.

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The ABIM is an engineered bio-weapon. What a sickening display of putting ego over facts. A public debate would expose these administrative frauds masquerading as health officials in about as much time it takes to cancel The Disney Channel. The evidence that early treatment works and that the "vaccine" is dangerous is overwhelming. Just freaking unbelievable. Modern day witch hunt in action. Hey, don't forget to tie his hands and throw him in the lake. If he sinks he's guilty. Idiots. Support McCollough?? Hell, yes!!

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Please yes - do a multiplier for Dr. McCullough!!!

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DEFINITELY begin a multiplier for Dr. McCullough; we cannot stand by and let the ABIM pull his license!

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As you must know ABIM does not license physicians. They can eject your from their org, and recommend to others, but that's about it. Docs are licensed at the state level. McCulloch, should be prepared with licences in multiple states, just in case... particularly NH, TN, and MO, and perhaps NE, which have moved against attempts to de-license physicians who do not agree with CDC, NIH, etc.

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I supported his legal defense against Baylor, I'll certainly support this medical board defense.

But maybe it is also time to go on the offensive. Perhaps the Medical Board should be sued for discrimination or something. The official medical board materials are full of dissenting opinions of licensees that are documented in their manuals. Licensees that take contrary opinions to the current standard of care. Are they all being sued? No.

Go through the manuals of these specialties and you will find them documented. Example, endocrinology. When I was going through thyroid cancer the standard of care for my type of cancer was removal of thyroid and then ablation therapy. There were approx 30% who felt ablation therapy was not necessary. About 4 years after, the standard of care was changed and they no longer did ablation therapy for this type of cancer and circumstances. Happens every day, things change, dissenting voices, thinking out of the box, win out. We can't lose that process.

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Absolutely we should support Dr. McCullough!! I appreciate his courage to share the truth, cite studies, collaborate with other physicians around the world and to share the practical experience he has in taking care of patients. In addition, he has been an invaluable voice of morality and common sense these past couple years. He deserves all the support we can offer for sure!

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Absolutely do it. We all owe that man a debt that we can never repay.

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