My mom just had a friend diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. My first thought was it was the jab. (Of course I didn't ask her because she's 100% pro-vax and has 4 shots so far herself - which is also terrifying since she's a cancer survivor.) We are just scratching the surface, I'm afraid.

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So the Trump/Biden Jabs can make your brain melt with madcow disease in a painful, torturous and unstoppable death.

But think of how much worse it could have been!

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Went to a new Ob/Gyn yesterday for a routine exam after 2 yrs not going. I went to front desk and receptionist said “If you don’t have mask 😷 you can’t sit here or be seen” .. I said “oh yes I can as I have a medical exemption to not have to wear 😷 mask” … the doctor came out to speak to me and said what is your exception??

I said I physically can not wear something that cuts off my O2 and knowing that I can not be discriminated against I am not going to wear a mask. She said in the last 2 1/2 years she has never had anyone say they cannot wear a mask. She said to me I don’t know what to do about this I’ve never had this situation I need to check with the board as there are policies in place.

Because I’m in the medical field and I know about all the discriminatory laws against anyone I said to her “how do you not know about discrimination? If I physically have a medical exemption then you’re not to deny me service”. She said I honestly don’t know what to do I can’t see you today though I have to find out for myself. 🤪

What a joke!🤡 Here we have so many medical professionals who are following no science whatsoever trying to treat us for things they don’t even know and pushing the agenda of some thing they’re not even researching. I left there and I’m not going back. In fact I’m standing up to every doctor and filing a discrimination complaint for not being able to be seen by a medical professional for a person who has a medical exemption!!

⚔️🇺🇸I keep hearing in my spirit stand up, stand up, and do not let TYRANTS RULE.. REVOLUTION IS NOW!!!

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“Safe [for BigPharma liability] and effective [for tyranny and democide]!”

There, I fixed it.

I just wanted to let everyone know we have through TODAY, JUNE 7, to submit our public comments opposing the FDA’s approval of injections for kids under 5.

You can easily submit your public comment using this form from Stand for Health Freedom:


If you’d like, you can include the letter I whipped together for the FDA and CDC on this topic in April:

• “Letter to the FDA & CDC” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-fda-and-cdc)

These subsequent articles provide additional relevant information you may wish to include as well:

• “Letter to US Legislators: #DefundTheThoughtPolice” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-us-legislators-defundthethoughtpolice)

• “Letter to the California Legislature” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-california-legislature)

• “Dialogue with a Curious Injectee” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/dialogue-with-a-curious-injectee)

Dr. Pierre Kory also just published a research-packed exemption letter that would be great to include:

• “Vaccine Exemption Letter For a 16 Year-Old Camp Counselor” (https://pierrekory.substack.com/p/vaccine-exemption-letter-for-a-16-c85)

Here are additional articles with more details:





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Here in Ontario, nursing home rules make it mandatory to get three jabs and have a daily negative rapid antigen test result in order to be "allowed" to voluntarily work (i.e. no pay) as a caregiver for your own relative in a nursing home. Never-jabbed are not allowed to even apply to become essential caregivers for their loved ones. No exemptions. Your loved one can refuse the jab and cannot be punished in any way, and does not have to provide exemption grounds. But if you just want to visit, you need two jabs and a negative test for every visit. That includes children 5-11, even though the shot is not formally required for them and kills more of them than Covid can. Children under five can visit without having a jab or two. But everyone has to be masked and tested, except the loved ones who can refuse for the visit and not be punished for it. Also, your loved one can refuse the jabs, or the person with POA (like me) can, without consequence. But all the paid caregivers and nurses who refused got fired, even the ones that were truly immune. Never-jabbed and under-jabbed (like, only one) adults are not allowed to visit indoors, or work there, at all no matter how many negative tests they produce or masks they wear. The rules come from the not-accountable-or-liable Ontario Covid-19 Science Table and the Gates-funded dept. at McMaster U that produced the execrable TOGETHER trial trashing ivermectin, and somehow control the minds of elected Premier, legislature and Minister of Long Term Care.

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I actually agree with CTV. If the feigned argument is for "health purposes" then the regulatory definition of fully vaccinated for travel and work mandates should be changed to include all required boosters, which I believe is now 5 or 6? Seriously. Govt needs to stop straddling the fence and go ALL IN. Either the shots work or they don't. If they work, then all shotted need to keep getting them for eternity and the medical code on their "papers" should prove it. Make all the double-pricked folks be up-to-date or be relegated to leper status in society like all us non-pricks.

Wait, whoa nelly! But then society would grind to a halt and no one would be able to travel or work because no one wants the shots anymore. Too bad, so sad. If that would be the result, then the second option is to remove all shot mandates totally for health purposes, because the shots don't work and nobody wants them.

This is a truly black and white situation. ALL OR NONE. Shades of grey are now gone.

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Todays post is particularly personal and heart wrenching. My husband passed away 20 years ago from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease at the age of 47. Despite going to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, which was ranked #1 in neurology at the time, there was no treatment or cure but at least they were able to give us their opinion as to what we were dealing with. He passed away 2 months to the day of the first consultation with the specialists at Mayo, we had 4 visits to Mayo during that time and probably 6-9 months from the onset of symptoms. It was a horrifying and traumatic illness to witness and we still to this day have no idea what caused this prion mutation to occur. I’ve wondered if it was any medication, over the counter or prescription, a vaccine, or if it was water or environmental but it was so rare (1 in a million at that time) they had only seen about 250 cases. That is one of the reasons I’ve been so against this vaccine with the mRNA component from the beginning. I wouldn’t wish this to happen to anyone and when drugs/vaccines or anything causes changes to your DNA at the cellular level there are catastrophic results. Thank you Jeff for exposing this and I pray none of your readers have to encounter this with a loved one. God bless you for educating and informing people in your daily posts.

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Mad Cow Disease from our Jabs? No problem. We at Big Pharma are hard at work developing treatments that we will sell to your government at a handsome profit. It's the perfect business model!

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Dr Stephanie Seneff talked about prion disease happening from covid jabs over a year ago.


And Canada was experiencing a "mysterious outbreak" of cases a year ago too.


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So Jeff agrees that Israel has a right to defend itself from Iran but he thinks Putin is evil for trying to defend Russia from the Bio Labs in Ukraine and the developing NATO threat. Ukraine has been a smorgasbord of international criminal activity for decades. Of course Putin is an evil son of a bitch but that does not mean he is not right to do his job and protect Russia. He started warning Ukraine in 2014. How much patience does he have to have? And of course it's horrible what has and is happening to the innocent Ukrainians but again, Zalensky is NOT without blame on that front also. Citizens always suffer for the sins of their leaders. Look it up...Zalensky is stupid rich. No honest politician gets stupid rich. And speaking of evil sons a bitches...how is Biden not an evil son of a bitch for doing what he is doing to America?

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Mad Cow? Not so loud. Neil Ferguson might hear you. The gross little turd might leech out of the shadows and knock off a million or so of our bovine friends like he did the first time around. If I was a cow I'd be mad too.

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So where are our Republican congressmen and Senators? Crickets! The country is becoming a #%& hole country and these elites are planning to get re-elected and take the majority in Jan to do what? Get on the phone and at their offices and make them hear you! Stop this Dementia puppet of Obama/China and get this country moving!

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Ok, so if we're keeping score, so far we have the shots causing:




Mad Cow Disease

I think I'll stick with just having a cold thank you very much.

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The revelation of this Prion Disease is almost too heavy to deal with, what other horrific side effect will be next?

On a lighter note- I predict that the J6 Committee spectacular event may even surpass “Top Gun - Maverick”!😂🤣😂 At least in their own pathetic minds 🙄

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Russia was totally justified in attacking Ukraine. Do a little research beyond the propaganda coming out of the West.

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How in hell is solar power supposed to work if they're busy "dimming" the sun to address "climate change?"

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