I'm crying reading The Epoch Times article about the Pisano family... are we in FLORIDA, the state of our greatest governor? The state of freedom? So far as a traveling RN in our state, I've written 2 letters of exemption and filled out 3 other pages... still no job and considering a taco truck at this point. Please hug yourself and those working on behalf of the Pisano family.

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Let's hear it for Iowa! Does this mean that other states are free to "not adopt the OSHA standard?"

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Pinocchios Job Interview with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky

WALENSKY: Hello Mrrrr….is Pinocchio your first or last name?

PINOCCHIO: Yes, it is.

WALENSKY: I see. Okay…..Well, I can tell by the size of the nose on your face why you’re here. Why do you think you’d be a good fit here at the CDC?

PINOCCHIO: Well, I’ve been following your work pretty closely. I feel like we’re kinda on the same page.

WALENSKY: Really, how so?

PINOCCHIO: I'm a perpetual liar.

WALENSKY: Julie, hold all my calls……Go on.

PINOCCHIO: Lying to people has been like, my life, you know what I mean?

WALENSKY: Tell me about it. Feels great, doesn't it?

PINOCCHIO: It’s exhilarating! And I gotta admit, ain’t nobody can dish out a bigger load of crap than you guys!

WALENSKY: Thank you. That’s so sweet.

PINOCCHIO: I especially like how you expertly mix in plausible explanations with a host of lies and various deceptions to really keep people in a state of perpetual confusion and distress.

WALENSKY: Well, that’s what we’re here for. We prefer to keep our manufactured inconsistencies consistent with our current set of inconsistency protocols. We absolutely thrive in the gray areas. You have a keen eye Mr. Two-By-Four.

PINOCCHIO: Thanks, Walley.

WALENSKY: So, we’re more than just expert liars here at the CDC; we got a whole schtick that we’re working. We're particularly fond of wavering back and forth on publicly announced data and statistics. It's hysterical; we can say just about anything. You can't fake that kind of insincerity. It pays our bonuses.

PINOCCHIO: Yeah, the dude from the World Health Organization...., what's his name....? Tedros Albino Giraffeosaurus, said something similar.

WALENSKY: That’s excellent. You really know your lying sacks of crap!

PINOCCHIO: I've watched a lot of interviews with Bill Gates, too. Now, that guy’s full of it. He's got a terrible poker face, but he’s a pleasure to watch.

WALENSKY: Bill’s a jackass, but he’s got deep pockets. We keep him around so we can get more African knick-knacks for the office. Did you get with Fauci?

PINOCCHIO: Briefly. He took a swing at me in New York, the little milksop. Nose envy, most likely. Gotta hand it to the little dude, he doesn’t break character. A bonafide sociopath. You should be proud.

WALENSKY: Yes, thanks to our ongoing training, Tony has developed into a top tier lying piece of garbage. He actually believes everything he says. It's all very exciting!

PINOCCHIO: True that. You’re singing to the wooden choir, sister!

WALENSKY: I know I'm breaking decorum here, but you're sporting quite a woody on your face there.

PINOCCHIO: I’ve been working on it....I spent last weekend working undercover at Pfizer.

WALENSKY: What else can you do with that nose?

PINOCCHIO: Whoa…hold the phone, Walt doesn’t go for that.

WALENSKY: He’s dead, isn’t he?

PINOCCHIO: Frozen, I think.....could be back any minute. I’m not pushing it.

WALENSKY: Sorry.....Well, we’re going to have to do something about that nose. That simply won’t do....people might catch on.

PINOCCHIO: No they won’t. Trust me, most of them are pretty stupid. This thing could grow to 8 feet long and nobody would suspect a thing. I tested it at the White House last Thursday; it grew about 6 feet....Merrick Garland gave it a high five. Psaki had her head buried in the latest edition of "Vampire Weekly." Kamala Harris was completely oblivious; stuck in the mirror the whole time repeating: “I AM important”, I AM important.” Biden kept waving at it. He thought it was the Goodyear Blimp. Everyone’s distracted. I can lie until my nose reaches the Dog Star. No one will suspect a thing.......except maybe Veritas.

WALENSKY: That’s good to know. You got any references

PINOCCHIO: I’d be lying if I said I did.

WALENSKY: Do you promise to uphold our policy to use dishonesty to bridge the gap between perceived intelligence and total incompetence?

PINOCCHIO: If I don't you can use me for kindling.

WALENSKY: And...Jiminy Cricket, where is he in all this?

PINOCCHIO: He had a heart attack last year working with Pelosi.

WALENSKY: When can you start.

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Thank you Jeff!! I can only imagine how painful it must be to have those pointy, sharp toothpicks holding apart your eyelids so you can keep burning the candle at both ends. You are a hero to us.

And as for Iowa. 👏 👏 👏

Best news of the day.

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Ok Jeff. The Covid commentary today made me chuckle so much I spit out some coffee! “Isn’t it awesome how in one year we went from having the best economy in history to having store shelves that best resemble 1970’s Soviet Union store shelves?” I always think this exact thing when going through the grocery store! Pretty soon we’ll be buying blue jeans from some other free country and we’ll sell them on the streets for a profit🙃Keep up your amazing work & positivity! It’s much needed daily, much like coffee!

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More prayers to Dan Pisano & family. Also that we get an overwhelming victory at USSC.


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Wouldn't that be awesome if one of the justices cites your Amicus brief?!? Obviously, they should. Thanks for all the great news, once again. If the theory of positive thinking holds true, the more we all can feel great, the more great things will come our way :) To quote the late E. Stanly Jones: "Whatever gets your attention gets you, so glance at the Devil and gaze at Jesus." (I'm allowed to say there here, right?)

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I've been trying to reach you. Flagler Hospital in St Augustine refused the drug Ivermectin to a patient who they said had COVID, even though her own doctor prescribed the drug for her. They instead put her on a ventilator and she grew increasingly worse. The patient's daughter hired an attorney and served the hospital with a demand to give her the drug. Apparently, they finally did and she is now home!

Unfortunately, through my research, I have found that this is going on in hospitals all over the country as these administrators are being incentivized to count all patients as COVID and deaths as COVID and refusing Ivermectin and Hydroxychloriquine due to their CDC protocols.

Let me know if I can help you with Mr Pisano. I live here locally. Diane Scherff

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Maybe Ohio will have a real governor some day instead of someone who turns over policy and emergency action to a public health lemming (oh, Amy. . .why? ) who rushes to judgement based on BS myths from CDC instead of using analytical and critical thinking skills. Applause and cheers to Iowa and Florida!!!

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Thank you, Jeff! Great post. I found your content only a week ago...wish it was sooner! Predictions on the CMS Mandate? LA v Becerra was strong on the law and MO v Biden demonstrated the irrational aspects of the mandate. I am praying for a stay....if it's lifted I am hoping an option to test is made available.

If Abbott says that mandates won't be followed in TX either I believe hospitals will continue to enforce them because, of course, they want that $$$$. Tough spot for everyone on a payroll belonging to a healthcare institution...dr/nurse or not.

Thank you again! Take Care.

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Do you not understand who I am? I’m Dr. Fauci !!!

I do not need Pentagon approval for Gain of Function Research. I’m Dr. Fauci !!!

I will do Gain of Function Research in Wuhan if I want to. I’m Dr. Fauci !!!

I will make synthesize spike glycoproteins which bind to human cell receptors and insert them into SARSr-CoV backbones to make a deadly viruses if I want to and then develop and patent a new vaccine to cure it. I’m Dr. Fauci !!!

We did it…a deadly virus….success. I’m Dr. Fauci !!!

Whoops….it got loose.

Oh well. We can now use the less worthy around the World as lab rats to make and patent a new mRNA spike protein vaccine and figure out dosage. I’m Dr. Fauci…..!!!

Eugenics Bill said we could become partners and he would fund the research, because it would help in depopulation, and we would share the patents. I’m Dr. Fauci….!!!

Answer to Rand Paul in Senate Hearings when being accused to doing ILLEGAL Gain of Function Research……”I KNOW NOTHING” , “BUT YOU KNOW LESS”…I’m Dr. Fauci..!!!!

Tune back in for the next Chapter in 2024 when Congress votes on Funding the “Gallows Bill”

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Thanks Jeff... Here's an upper (From ALEX BERENSON: Now the World Health Organization has waved the white flag on Covid vaccine boosters too.

WHO released a statement about Covid vaccines yesterday. It’s filled with the usual public health jargon and ass-covering, but one line stands out:

"a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable."

It’s over, people.


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Cue private insurance premiums increasing to cover the cost of “free” tests. 🙄 what do they call it when u do the same thing over & over again & get the same horrible result?

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So if the SCOTUS upholds these unconstitutional mandates, what we will be seeing here is millions of unvaccinated workers who are now required to test every third day such as myself (I am a Federal contractor) will not be able to get test kits at a store, online or even the county health department. How will I fulfill my employers testing rules so I may go to work and provide for my family? Answer, I can't, they will use this so I lose income and have no choice but get vaccinated. This is their plan as I see it.

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Why has not the Covid numbers in the chart been updated in nearly 2 weeks?

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1) I’m so thankful for you, Jeff. 2) My very blue state started giving away “free,” at-home Covid test months ago. As you might suspect, since I am one of your devotees, I’m not remotely worried about Covid. Still, since hoarding is so 2020-2022 and my tax dollars already paid for those tests, I ordered a bunch to have on hand. All the thrice-vaxxed lefties that we know here a) didn’t know about said state program and b) didn’t have any at-home tests because they thought they wouldn’t need them.😂🙄 My daughter mentioned to a bunch of her friends that we have them, and now her friends’ families are begging for them because they’re all vaccinated, constantly think they have Covid, and can’t find a test anywhere. Now, ours are like little bars of testing gold sitting in our medicine cabinet. I kind of want to set up a bidding war between the scared Branch Covidians for them.🤣

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