We need a federal law removing vaccine injury liability shields.


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Who would have thought we would have a "Second Annual" ANYTHING related to COVID. Ugh.

Please Lord, do a new thing...make a road through this wilderness of insanity to lead us safely and victoriously through the madness. Make a river that brings restoration and healing and washes away the filth of perversion and greed, in Jesus' name.

"Behold, I will do something new,

Now it will spring forth;

Will you not be aware of it?

I will even make a roadway in the wilderness,

Rivers in the desert." --Isaiah 43:19 NASB1995

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Oct 21, 2022Liked by Jeff Childers

“transvestite” and a “transgender?”

I think I can help. A transvestite knows he/she/it/they is pretending, A transgender thinks it's real and demands that you think it too.

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We need federal law making lobbying illegal. Lobbying is bribery with a job description. Thinking root causes here.

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May this bring down the entire building, and the CDC, and the FDA, and and and (a girl can dream).

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It’s always been about the liability shields. This should be the ONLY point of discussion. Make the overwhelmingly-dem mouthpieces of vax mandates defend liability shields for the largest corporations and richest executives in the world. Should be a winner.

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The list of governors not approving of the covid shot on the childhood immunization schedule is much appreciated. This needs to be expanded in two ways.

List 1) the governors that are silent or approving of it and 2) expand both types of lists to other state and U.S. candidates.

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"We need a federal law removing vaccine injury liability shields."

YES! YES! YES!! I have previously suggested the following acts need to be repealed, but perhaps new legislation prohibiting all pharma liability shields would be more all-encompassing:

• 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Act

• Bayh-Dole Act

• National Defense Authorization Act of 2012

Paging Ron Johnson! Did you guys know that "If Republicans take the Senate, Ron Johnson will become the chair of the oversight committee that has purview over the FDA and CDC" (https://tobyrogers.substack.com/p/the-iatrogenocide-accelerates)?

As for the difference between "transvestite" and "transgender," my understanding is that transvestites are men who like to wear women's clothing—like Ed Wood and J. Edgar Hoover. I believe "transgender" used to imply they had undergone surgery, but that term has now been relaxed to include anyone who "identifies" as the opposite gender—except there is no such thing as only two genders and how dare me for suggesting that 😆

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Your ability to filter the signal out of all the tremendously confusing noise borders on uncanny.

💬 There’s no point crying about it, we have work to do.[...] Not easy, but simple.[...] Let's do it!

💯 🔥

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Great, another story from Woke County, NC. CA started it! NC just likes to be the less popular girl copying the popular girl.

As much as I appreciate that they are arresting those who voted illegally, that particular situation in the image is not a good look. They went after a black man who is exactly the type of voter all the no voting ID required folks argue would be the target of voting IDs. That poor guy also isn't the problem. The problem is all the white elites performing massive voting fraud. Where are the videos of them getting arrested, that's what we all want to see.

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"Why would you let me commit crimes if I'm not allowed to commit crimes?'

And the cop would have no answer for that, either.

Clearly, the gene pool needs some chlorine...

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“Why don’t they have drag shows and story hours for accountants and lawyers and stuff?”

Or war veteran bikers.

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The CDC obviously didn't care about our input about the vaccine schedule.

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I must confess when Gavin Newsom disappeared after getting a stroke poke that he would eventually appear with a horrible case of twisted face (Bell's Palsy). Like a really bad case where he could hardly talk. His pretty boy image tarnished by big-Pharma allegiance.

Very un-Christian of me. But it could have set back the Covidians for good, showing the damage of the jabs. Gruesome Newsome would literally be the face of vaxxxine side affects.

Instead he seemed to have a minor case that cleared up during his several weeks absence. So, he's returned to push more tyranny. And run for president.

Well, maybe his next boostah will do the trick...

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I have little doubt that big pharma, now 110% totally corrupt, would start "taking-out" any members of congress supporting a repeal of the horrendous 1986 vaccine law. That is their major pillar in the crusade to get every person on the planet forced into getting mRNA injections and other useless vaccinations and drugs Many countries have their own vaccination schedules, but often follow the US for the most part.

Ban petroleum products? The economy would come to a screeching halt in less than a month. But leftist democrats don't give a rat's butt as long as people are dying and in misery...that is their idea of utopia.

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I was shocked to see Democrat wacko Polis on the list of governors who has said no to adding the jab to the schedule. But I'm also relieved - if it is indeed true - because all of my young grandkids live in Colorado.

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