4 day jury trial AND you’re doing C&C? Are you sure it’s not Espresso & Covid this morning? Jeff you’re amazing!

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Praying for you and your team 💗🙏🏼💗

Now approaching 500,000 views in just over 4 days:

"Safe and Effective - A Second Opinion" documentary


Please watch and share with at least one other person. It is excellent.

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Oct 3, 2022·edited Oct 3, 2022

Biden wants a fast track war with Russia before mid terms leaving open possibility of false flags to blame Russia and clamp down on free speech. It’s called October Surprise.

The Fauci News is just more “In Your Face…We Will Do Whatever We Want” designed to break our spirit. He is nothing but a Nazi War criminal who has committed wholesale mass murder. He also knows his remaining life is dogshit especially if GOP flips Congress. I just watched the old movie the Bad Seed last night and saw the infamous Lightning Strike scene and thought of Greasy Tony while watching it. Nuff said.

God help us.

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Don’t forget the trial lawyers main credo: “If you have the facts, pound the facts; if you have the law, pound the law; and if you have neither, pound the table.”

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Can you imagine hiring a doctor from California now? Newsom is destroying California faster than Fauci destroyed healthcare system.

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Musk is not a friend. He gives out an appearance of being your friend or an ally by posting on Twitter the things YOU wish you could post. It's a psychological game.

He is not a friend to humans.

Jaxon gave an interesting report on the Highwire recently about Musk.

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I have given up all news for at least the next month. No TV, news apps, radio....nothing. I'm going dark. Need the mental break because I can't take it anymore. In this world of, what is right is now wrong, and what is wrong is now right, I have to step off the train for awhile. I told my wife that if something big happens, like the Russians are invading us, to let me know.

The only thing I'm going to stay in touch with is C&C every day just to add back a little sanity to my day. Jeff, thanks for all you do....keep it up and good luck in your trial this week!

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Please everyone listen to Dr Mercola’s recent interview with Law professor

Francis Boyle who discusses how Congress is preparing a treaty that would usurp the sovereignty of the USA and potentially the whole world to accept the WHO to dictate health mandates for future pandemics. Biden is also introducing legislation to make it legal for gain of function research in perpetuity. This treaty if and when it goes to the senate could be passed unless Democrats refused to vote it in. Sound the alarm and write to your senators. I don’t know the name of the bill.

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California Immunization Registry - requires ALL vaccines to be reported to the state, along with the person's race and ethnicity that may be disclosed.

Mandates schools, childcare facilities, and others to give information to California's Public Health Department to do "immunization status assessments" of school kids and others.

But wait...there's more regarding cv shots until 2026 (!!!!!!):

the state has "until JANUARY 1, 2026, additionally authorize schools, childcare facilities, family childcare homes, and county human services agencies to use the specified immunization information, for the COVID-19 PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY, to perform immunization status assessments of pupils, adults, and clients to ensure health and safety."

What does this even imply? 2026? Immunization status assessments?

Sounds like the trappings of Immunization Passport!

Praying for you in California! 🙏🙏🙏


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Newsom is an absolute fool. He has destroyed with the devils children that state. Been coming for a long time. When you remove the Giver of Life God out of your nation or state, nature abhors a vacuum. Satanic forces move right in. We are witnessing the destruction of a state and it appears a country if things keep on this path. All good doctors will leave CA. All people who can and want are moving. What kind of doctors will be left? The kind that Hitler used. Obedient soulless evil ones. Who pays ? The poor and needy. Maybe they will be removed by euthanasia by convincing from the doctors left. The democrats need good Nazi doctors obedient to depopulation agenda. “The thief comes to lie, steal and destroy. I came to give eternal life ” John 10:10. Words of Christ.

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Thank you for squeezing us into your jam packed schedule! The creepy robot is icing on a cake baked full of cray-cray in this world today.

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Best wishes for a successful trial. Just a FYI, the author of The Hill article is an Anglican Priest, not a Catholic priest. Makes it even more surprising to me that The Hill published it.

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Good luck in court.

If Ukraine is indeed granted entry to NATO...you are right Jeff - this spells Trouble, with a capital "T".

It is a 'throwing down of the Gauntlet' type of move. AND, they know it.

AND...........they wanted it.

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good luck in court! no jabs!

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Good luck on the trial, Jeff. Really interested to see who you have chosen for guest bloggers!

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Eddie Munster's morphing into Gov Gavin Gruesom reminds me of the movie Gremlins...somehow. Heads on Swivel in "Red October" my C&C brethren. Expect chicanery on steroids! Deception is the first of the Ephesians 6:12 aspects and personalities of the enemy...to take our eyes off the Father. #Won'tGetFooledAgain!

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