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American journalist Gonzalo Lira died in an Ukrainian prison after being tortured and denied medical care. He criticized Biden and Zelensky.

US government totally abandoned him.


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Regarding DEI (DIE):

Today most big companies rely on their sales to pay off their financing. Without this financing nearly every major corporation in America would fold almost overnight.

Think back to 2008, the main concern was the credit crunch: banks stopped loaning money in order to survive the crash, but this would have taken the entire system down with it because most major corporations rely on short term financing to make payroll, buy materials, and pay rent. They then pay off these loans and immediately apply for new ones. This occurs on a monthly, weekly, and even overnight basis.

It is an absolutely backwards system, but that's what having a currency unthethered from any real anchor (gold for example) gets you over time: When a Business starts by borrowing money, they will likely never stop.

Rather than using profits to end this cycle in order to escape this credit quicksand, profits instead are often pushed into dividends, stock buybacks, and bond interest/repayments (further enriching the company execs and the 1%). What remains is typically used as collateral for both capital expenditures and future OPEX loans, meanwhile the day to day operating expenses are mostly paid via the churning credit spiral described above.

Take away that punch bowl and all hell breaks loose.

For the NWO that's a feature not a bug. Fragility was deliberately woven into every aspect of our economy so that it can be demolished (and rebuilt to their sinister specifications) at will. Here is how the WEF will rewrite everything with DEI by controlling the financing of all of these companies:


These DEI, CEI, & ESG policies are intentionally leading directly to scenarios such as this:

-Experienced pilots are dying in droves due to the blood clots caused by the COVID injections combined with repeated high altitude flying

-Unqualified DEI replacement pilots are hired

-In addition, unqualified DEI hires are also invading companies like Boeing and their suppliers where quality control and engineering competency are of the upmost importance

-Quality control nosedives, pilots are incompetent, airplanes become unsafe

-Fleets are grounded, airlines go bankrupt, get dismantled

-WEF meets its 2030 goals of ending air travel to “save the planet”

-You wake up to find you have yet another lock on your 15 minute prison city.

All of this is being forced on us through the central bank currency spigot.

Excerpt from https://tritorch.substack.com/p/why-all-these-brands-ab-inbev-target

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Military Attache: "Squeeze my hand if you want us to strike Yemen . . ."

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This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and confirmed and one which enters within the veil[.]

— Hebrews 6:19 LSB

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When literally everyone in an administration is nothing more than a mouthpiece, it's not important that they be "fully engaged." Except for the optics. It's important that the various mouthpiece-puppets at least appear to be coordinating with one another.

I look forward to "Austin's" return to public view in the form of someone wearing a plastic COVID mask with a paper Lloyd Austin mask taped on. Then we can get called conspiracy theorists for pointing out that his hands are white.

Can anyone tell that I'm tired of being lied to?

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I wish the encourage Jeff to give us an update on some of the legal progress being made across the county in regards to the vaccine mandates employers made upon their employees.

One such case I’m personally following is the Sambrano v. United Airlines Inc (4:21-cv-01074) in District Court, N.D. Texas. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/60401406/sambrano-v-united-airlines-inc/?order_by=desc

This case has completed discovery and just filed for class certification. See, https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.txnd.353477/gov.uscourts.txnd.353477.239.0.pdf

It’s been a while since we have been updated on what’s happening with mandate cases.

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The L. Austin story is so hard to believe. Especially when a family member or ours has experienced the same thing he has supposedly experienced - prostate cancer surgery and then in ICU! There is no way one can run fully anything while recovering from this. Our family member had to take a long break from work. Prostate cancer surgery survivors are rolling their eyes.🙄

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Reality dose:

The princes of this world have always been above the law.

Consider this: is Hunter protected because he is son of the king? The current king is not the kingpin. He is a figurehead for the order of chaos.

Hunter is protected (and belligerent) because he knows the rulers of this world values his assistance washing dollars and euros. He knows it.

Who is behind the curtain?

People: follow the money. And the chaos. The grip will get tighter and tighter and many will welcome the relief extended to 'get back to normal'. Just like the shots.

Challenge: Give up your surveillance items for a day (iPhone, credit card, internet, electronic banking) and self-evaluate how you did. It's humbling.

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Crazy that even in somewhat friendly territory, Joe doesn't get mobbed when he shows up unannounced. Trump stops by anywhere and people show up like crazy. Joe shows up and ... nothing. Couple of smiling faces, but nobody really knows other than having their normal routine interrupted. But hey - most popular president ever, most votes ever. :/

I'm appreciating more and more government rulings about the election ... well, we can't call it "fraud" because our elections are safe/secure, right? Still, seeing more and more rulings against some of the horrible practices from 2020 and 2022 are a good thing. Too late for those who noticed what others might call "irregularities" but maybe we can get back to actual integrity in our elections.

There are times I think the founders had it right - you get to vote if you're a landowner in good standing. Encourages people to get to that stage and then you have a stake in the game. But I also am fully aware of the sinful state of man and that those in power do everything they can to hold on to that power.

I think as more people are waking up to what DIE is actually doing, it is becoming less popular. It takes some honest conversations to show people that DIE is highly discriminatory and (gasp!) racist, but it's hard for even those who give it some support to deny that you're refusing to put in place the best people in the name of raising up those who aren't as qualified but would never have gotten a chance otherwise.

(And for those who haven't seen - King Arthur Flour had to backpedal a bit on their own DIE baking contest, not open to whites because apparently you can't win if you go against a white person when baking or something like that.....)

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My 35-year-old son told me a while back in a phone conversation that he and his wife had talked about how many young people they know were getting cancer. I gently said that some people think it's from the COVID shot. He definitely got the first two (probably not the booster), and I think his wife did too, but we don't really talk about it. In a phone conversation just a week ago, he asked me to pray for a 24-year-old friend whose husband fell and subsequently was diagnosed with leukemia. My children were split on who got vaccinated for COVID--two did and two didn't-and I really worry about their health, but I don't know if I should send them some of the information I see because I don't think they'll continue to get shots, and I don't want to worry them. They all have children. Lord, have mercy!

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Happy good morning C&C peeps 🌞☕️

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Center for Tech and Civic Life money (ZuckBucks) paid for that "Voter Ambassador" van in Racine, WI during the 2020 election. With all due modesty, I was perhaps the first to publish detailed research on the ways in which CTCL "rigged" the Wisconsin election, and using a pretty robust and simple methodology, I estimate their $10.3 million investment in taking over key election offices in WI was decisive in swinging the state into Biden's win column.

If you are not yet familiar with the CTCL story, which I believe was THE biggest factor in "Rigging" the 2020 Election in favor of Biden, you should read up on how Mark Zuckerberg paid $330 million to take over election offices in the key swing states, and operate them as voter turnout operations for Joe Biden and other Democrats in national races. It is the one story Democrats have not yet been able to debunk, because virtually all of the information is already on the public record. Phillip Bump of the Washington Post tried after Elon Musk retweeted one of our articles, but as usual, he just ended up seriously beclowning himself once again.

There are all kinds of fun and interesting facts that came out of Wisconsin in 2020. For recreational reading, followers of this blog should look up "The Wisconsin Safe Voting Plan" where the "Big Five" Wisconsin cities explain how they will spend their CTCL largesse on all sorts of interesting occupations. In this "Bonfire of the Inanities" I found the funniest one to be the authorization of expenditures to educate absentee ballot voters on the fact that cell phone selfies did not count as absentee ballot voter ID's. But there are more inanities to be found if you just look inside the document. Here's my piece on CTCL in WI.


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Thanks for being rational human beings, most people here. C&C is sometimes balm for the soul in a world gone mad. Jeff keeps our eyes upward and focused on the wins we are seeing. Sometimes it’s hard to process how morally and logically bankrupt everything can be and it’s fatiguing. Thanks for being a lighthouse, Jeff. (My highest compliment - since I used to be a big historical lighthouse junky!)

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“he’s on top of everything important. I mean, what could go wrong”

That’s our Commander in Chief, working hand in hand with the Secretary of Defense, ensuring a resounding victory in Ukraine. And Israel. And Taiwan. And Yemen or whatever hellhole our military is bombing today. I feel so safe now.

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I've worked in banking/financial services for over 40 years and am beyond familiar with standards, accountability, responsibility, professionalism, work "ethics", etc. These have been with me since the first days/weeks/years of my career.

As such, I am continually awed by the incompetence of individuals such as Austin, Mayorkis, Fauci, etc. Really, though, this isn't incompetence, it's all part of "the plan", the agenda, etc. I just can believe that anyone with half a brain buys this line of bull.

And last I knew, when folks are in the hospital, that would qualify them for disability and not allowed to work. Do you really think Austin is "working" from his hospital bed.

Again, no one with half a brain would buy that one either.

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“Hunter’s lawyers suddenly and unexpectedly “reversed course” yesterday, and politely asked House Republicans for a third subpoena”

I am so angry and confused! why should this little s**t get 3 chances to show up? It wouldn’t work for any of us.

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