I've noticed absolutely no side effects from refusing any of der wunder shots......except a higher sensitivity to extreme medical quackassery. My skin actually begins to crawl.

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I'm so happy that Ardern was put out to pasture/sent to the glue factory (circle one.)

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As a woman, I read Jacinda Ardern as someone who is being forced to quit for some reason, she doesn’t like that she’s being forced, and what she really wants to do is rat 🐀 out whoever is forcing her to quit. Hence, she’s holding back all that emotion. If it was on her own terms, she would be confidently speaking, she’s not.

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Emerald Robinson: “That awkward silence right now in America: that’s millions of people realizing that we have a pandemic of the vaccinated."

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Jan 19·edited Jan 19

I see a trend going on in all this Covid Shots deaths and it is the fact that everybody dies suddenly, unexpectedly and "from unknown causes", my question here is, What happened to all the medical examiners in this country, did they all quit? no more autopsies are performed on dead people here? Just asking for a friend.

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"if you're not the lead dog the view never changes."


Living through this Covid debacle as one who believes in the wisdom of waiting to see if an experimental drug is as good as it's all cracked (kracked?) up to be has been a tremendous strain. Family, friends, even fellow churchers have such strong and opposing positions it has been difficult to maintain whether or not it was actually wisdom to hold such a position. I personally have not regarded myself as a lead dog. But it is those of us who have held the stance against the C19 circus who get a different view and will lead us out of this mess. Well, I'm actually just riding along. People like you, Jeff, are actually pulling the sled. Keep up the great work.

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Jeff, do you have intel on the vax in food issue? "Bill Gates Vows To Pump mRNA Into Food Supply To ‘Force-Jab’ the Unvaccinated. "


Bill Gates: “Vaccines in our food supply solves the problem of vaccine hesitancy”.

Curious that he also is the largest land owner of food production...

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Good morning Jeff. I think you will find the results of our embalmer survey interesting.


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I still think that this sudden discovery of classified documents is being planted to make Biden a no-show to run again in 24 (no way poor gramps could run again anyway in my humble opinion). I don't necessarily think it's to push Kamala as the president, she's also not polling well anyway and her trying to run on 24 would probably be a disaster for the DNC.

And how were these docs suddenly discovered? The cleaning lady was dusting the Biden library bookshelf when her duster suddenly made a folder that said "classified top secret" fall out of a shelf?

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Schwab told her it was time to go. Biden is next. Gearing up for the next Plandemic.

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Trump doubles down on Operation Warp Speed. If true, screw him...


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It took a bit, but it sounds like DeSantis is heeding precisely the request I made in my letter to him last year:

• "Letter to Governor Ron DeSantis" (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-governor-ron-desantis)

He just gets awesomer and awesomer by the day.

(Jeff, your subtitle is missing "shield": "DeSantis seeks end to hospital liability" :-)

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🔥 Public Announcement: an eye-opener meta-view!

We need to zoom out a whole byte to clearly see what *really* happened with covid response. We’ve been using (and continue to use) all wrong methodological tools that are not applicable for the domain in point 🤷 In six succinct words,

🗨 counterterrorism measures replaced public health policy

In this bright light, everything starts making much more sense. The disparate puzzle pieces fall into their right places. Miraculously almost 😊


↓↓ Some ancillary teasing might be needed 🤸

🗨 Bioterrorism response plans [...] are *not designed to incorporate the complicated nuances of public health principles*, which balance the need to protect individuals from a pathogen with the need to keep society as functional as possible to maintain overall well-being.

🗨 All of these measures [masking, testing, lockdowns] were devised *solely in the service of gaining compliance* with the biodefense/counterterrorism plan of quarantine-until-vaccine.

🗨 Government messaging preserved a public health veneer, while camouflaging the counterterrorism agenda.[...] The massive effort to cloak counterterrorism measures in public health legitimacy was the root of pandemic propaganda.

An arguably key takeaway:

🗨 The result is that anyone who knows what our Covid response policy truly was is theoretically barred from revealing it.[...] We probably need a whistleblower with top security clearance to get around this giant hurdle.

Let’s pray s/he emerges sooner rather than later 🙏

🗨 Can we stop them? [...I]t’s going to be an uphill battle.

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Rolling Stone? Are there ppl still reading that? I thought they were dead. I'm over sixty. Got over them a very very long time ago.

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Interesting Adam Rich tweet. It perfectly mirrors the most persuasive covid-19 vaccine messaging, as found in this 2022 persuasion/propaganda study: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34774363/

The most persuasive messaging was “community messaging plus embarrassment.” That was the “science” our public health officials were following; the science of persuasion! Not the science of vaccine efficacy, because the community messaging (a.k.a Herd Immunity) was a lie!

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I’m now pretty sure Rolling Stone magazine now only hires high school students from Michigan and New York to write their stories.

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