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I showed this article about fetterman to my son. I said this is why you don't get involved with lib women. Look at Giselle. For political reasons, she allowed and pushed her husband to run for the senate forsaking his health. Then when he is in DC, she is neglectful. His health is worse and hospitalized twice. So she takes the kids and goes on a vacation. Screw hubby. She has shown her children not to value their father, her son's to accept this kind of treatment from their future partners, to further emasculate all involved how not to deal with problems and that closest family members can and should be ignored and abandoned, especially if it supports the political narrative. My son agreed. Good teaching moment about how not to behave. Thanks Giselle. 😝

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Breaking: U.S. Department of Energy warns that it is “likely” that Senator John Fetterman originated in a lab.

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Volodymyr Beglensky threatens Americans who don't want to keep sending him money - says the USA could lose its place in the world with NATO coming apart.

Me: Your terms are acceptable.

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Let those be ashamed and humiliated altogether who rejoice at my distress;

Let those be clothed with shame and dishonor who magnify themselves over me.

Let them shout for joy and rejoice, who favor my vindication;

And let them say continually, “The Lord be magnified,

Who delights in the prosperity of His servant.”

And my tongue shall declare Your righteousness

And Your praise all day long.

— Psalm 35:26-28 NASB

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“Finally: why on Earth hasn’t this been studied before? The original clinical trial participants could have easily been tested for mRNA well before the FDA granted Emergency Use Authorization. Why didn’t the FDA make Pfizer and Moderna determine how long the mRNA persists in the body? And why did the CDC falsely claim that it quickly degraded?”

Because our DoD said not to. That’s why.

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As a native Pennsylvanian, it is pretty humiliating to know that we were once the cradle of liberty. And now we are...this. Whatever dystopian horror this is.

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“And if Proxy War supporters start saying, ‘well, we’ll just have to beat China too!’, then I intend to mock them so hard they’ll never sit down again without an inflatable cushion ring.”

Now I *really* want them to try it because I can’t wait to see that smackdown!

“the researchers accidentally stumbled across covid mRNA”

You know that is just the researchers being coy because they would have never gotten the study funded if they’d stated that analysis as one of their objectives. Good on them for finding a clever way to work around the COVID cartel enforcers.

“It’s a critical fact that all the study patients were Danish, because Denmark is one of the few countries that properly followed guidelines to aspirate prior to injection, which prevents accidental injection into the bloodstream.”

I did not know that—thank you for that illuminating tidbit, Jeff!

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I'd like to start a list of all the COVID lies for future reference. Please add..

1) vaccine stays in situ

2) vaccine degrades quickly

3) vaccine can't get into the blood stream

4) vaccine is safe

5) vaccine is effective

6) the virus was the result of natural processes

7) the virus was introduced to humans from animals

8) vaccine immunity exists

9) vaccine immunity is superior to natural immunity

10) two shots should be sufficient

11) ivermectin doesn't work

12) lockdowns work

13) masks work

14) remdesivir works

15) two weeks to flatten the curve

16) Fauci is an honest civil servant

17) social distancing works

18) the virus is very dangerous to everyone

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Does that mean the Chinese were secretly running the Ukrainian bio labs too then? 😜

Regarding Fetterman, perhaps they are prepping a replacement body double for him? Just thinking out loud.

Our country is being run by lunatics.

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She is evil.

I like Matt Walsh’s podcast a week or so ago when he lists the 3 most vile women in America....she was one of them. And I 💯 agree. How could you do this to your husband. One of the other women he called out was Jill Biden. Again, scum of the earth. Thru sickness and health.....you’re supposed to take care of your spouse when they are sick! Not force them into spotlights to continue to do the dirty work, including your dirty agenda. Sad for her kids, not for her. She should be very ashamed.

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The SpaceX product for government/military customers is called StarShield. It's likely the same product/service as StarLink, just at 10X the cost. Elon's a smart guy, and don't think he's doing any of this for any reason other than money/power. https://www.space.com/spacex-starshield-satellite-internet-military-starlink.

Can someone explain to me how we can attribute blame for the pandemic on China considering the following? Dr. Ralph Baric from UNC taught the Chinese 'bat lady' scientist how to tinker with coronaviruses - the gain-of-function. The NIH funded the grants used to fund the Chinese research including the construction of the lab. EcoHealth Alliance is a US based NGO headquartered in NYC.

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OK, so you may be right BUT the Overton Window is offering a binary choice : either a zoonotic leap or an "accidental leak" at WIV.

Now, call me cynical, but when the Overton window offers a binary choice , both options are wrong. Kind of like "Twelve Saudis with box cutters".

Let's stay real about this. All we know for SURE is that this viral genome was man-made in a Lab. We don't know WHICH Lab and we don't know HOW it was released.

The earliest confirmed cases of SC-2 reported in medical liteerature were in Northern Italy in early September, 2019. The World Military Games took place in Wuhan in October 2019 and the US Intelligence Report commented on an "outbreak" in Wuhan in early November 2019, well ahead of any indication that Chinese Authorities were aware of any problem.

Of course, this may all be a coincidence, but I'm not a believer in those kind of coincidences. And if you wanted to conduct a False Flag operation, what better place to lay the blame than Wuhan, where the US had carefully planted GoF research and had access to all the results. Jeffrey Sachs, an Establishment figure and Chair of The Lancet Covid Committee observed that there was a complete block in the US in instigating any independent investigation into the origins of SC-2 AND all the US Investigators in GoF research he approached, refused to cooperate. Why?

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If I were married to Gisele Burrito Fetterman, I'd be severely depressed too.

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Biden is doing everything in his power to destroy America. So nothing shocks me anymore, especially a war escalation.

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I'm tired of the USA telling every other nation on the planet what they can or can't do.

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All this noise (lab leak, Fetterman) is to distract us from the WHO taking our sovereignty.

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