So basically, as long as there's a "Pandemic" and employees are considered a threat, then the employer can do whatever they way. Clown World.

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You’ll notice that the government, and opposing law firms never mention that you can only have undue hardship with a direct threat first. And you can’t have a direct threat without an individualized assessment of YOU by someone who knows your disability. It’s difficult for them to get this. First, they have had to have this in hand before they discriminated or retaliated against you. They can only ask you to see your doctor if they have objective evidence that your job functions will be impaired by it (you disability) or you’ll pose a direct threat because of a disability.

Now, think about this. You disability is that the employer perceives you, or regards you as a direct threat, and undue burden, a danger to public health…

This is impossible. The wording in that EEOC document can be torn apart piece by piece and refuted. It’s all a great big word salad.

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