I tend to think they are cleaning house of all the criminal heads of the criminal agencies that spent years destroying us. Wipe them clean. Send them off to prison in orange jumps suits….oh wait, that was in my dreams….really they are being sent off to teach at universities or “spend time with their family”, and get mixed in with other agencies where they can continue the damage in less limelight positions.

The next step is to bring in all new faces that can’t be traced back to the covid fiasco scam, so no one can point fingers and smear the new ones when fauxchi’s next pandemic hits, according to his cockroach prediction -as soon as next year.

It’s all CYA. Prep for the next one.

DO NOT LET OUR GUARDS DOWN. Raise your shield and prep for incoming!

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May I just say, from England, that we are not in fact all that jubilant about the coronation of King Sausage Fingers. The man is a pompous ignoramus who almost nobody likes, and there are very few people who think it's a good use of £100 MILLION to throw him an ostentatious Golden Hat Party.

Mostly we liked Queenie (last of her breed), but now that she's abandoned us to the dullards and perverts that make up the next 2 generations of Windsors, the shine is off the apple, so to speak. Charles could certainly help himself by *shutting up*, but doesn't appear willing or able when it comes to doing that, so I think it won't be long before we wind up this monarchy business all together. Let's see.

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Regarding pagan King Cyrus of Persia:

“I am the Lord, and there is no other;

Besides Me there is no God.

I will gird you, **though you have not known Me;**

That men may know from the rising to the setting of the sun

That there is no one besides Me.

I am the Lord, and there is no other,

The One forming light and creating darkness,

Causing well-being and creating calamity;

I am the Lord who does all these.”

— Isaiah 45:5-7 NASB1995 (Emphasis mine)

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“WHO says it over.”

“No, WHO’s on first.”

“WHO got the paycheck?”

“I don’t know.”

“WHO did.”


“No, What’s on second.”

“So, WHO got the money.”




“WHO will get the money tomorrow?


“Yes, tomorrow . . .”


“Again with the WHO?!”


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I have a great deal of doubt any biden nominee is actually qualified to do the job they are nominated for.

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maybe im just some dumb hick but i have no idea what the earrings thing is about. i dont know anything about symbology

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Amen. It's mutilation! People who in anyway endorse it are complicit in child mutilation.

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Have to defend the spiral shape here. People may appropriate that shape and associate it with things other people may not approve of (though I'm unfamiliar with any), but it's an ENTIRELY NATURAL - you might even say God-given - shape. It occurs at scale, from our DNA to the tiniest snail shell you find on a beach to storms (think: all those hurricane images) to galaxies. Most people intuitively associate it with the natural pattern of growth and development. To put it gently, let's not go totally whackadoodle, people. Have a blessed day! :).

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Just one very sincere comment to Walensky: "On your way out, don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya"....on second thought I hope that door falls off its hinges.

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I dig it! (Can't stomach his other agendas, but I dig his freedom stance...)


RFK Jr for President @Rfk4POTUS

It's Friday. Joe Biden just fired the @CDCDirector

. Why? Because #Kennedy24 is trending AGAIN. We are on fire, RFK nation. The pressure is working. Keep it going. Let's get Julian Assange out of prison next. Join us.

#AllTheWayWithRFK #FreeAssange


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May 6·edited May 6

Israeli Whistleblower With Info on Biden Corruption Disappears in Cyprus After Saying Biden Regime Wants to ‘Bury Him’


The above AG story about the Israeli whistle-blower is a FIFTH whistle-blower. Here's the lineup:

Whistle-blower #1: A whistle blower from inside the FBI saying he has documents proving Biden is a criminal.

Whistle-blower #2: White House stenographer Mike McCormick who traveled with Biden to Ukraine to arrange the pay-for-play kickbacks.

Whistle-blower #3: Tony Bobunlinski who was Biden's business partner who set up all the equity arrangements from Ukraine.

Whistle-blower #4: IRS whistle-blower from the IRS Criminal Division who is represented by lawyer Mark Lytle and fears for his life.

Whistle-blower #5: Dr. Gal Luft, an Israeli whistleblower who is an expert on energy security, was preparing to reveal damning information about the Biden family’s international business exploits to Congress when the Biden Department of Justice had him arrested. He has now gone missing in Cyprus.


Does anyone here believe that all of this won't just be swept under the rug? This is a defining moment! What happens here will determine whether we continue down the road to complete totalitarianism or whether we begin to bring justice to what is happening and begin to restore American Constitutional law and order. This is it. This is the point of no return and will determine whether we live or die as a Constitutional nation. The woke Bolsheviks have captured every major institution in the US including the universities, the teachers unions, the medical profession, ALL of the major media including cutting us off from access to the news from overseas, the ENTIRE Federal bureaucracy, most of Congress and the Executive Branch including DOJ, the Pentagon and the entire apparatus of power the White House controls.

The ONLY institution standing in their way is the Supreme Court and the Constitution. They hate the Constitution and it's limitations (as described by both Obama and Biden) and they have to get rid of the Supreme Court in order to do away with the Constitution. The very existence of the SCOTUS has stood in the way of the complete medical lockdown and medical mandates they wanted to impose and has limited their ability to impose a complete tyranny such as we've seen in Aus and Canada. They HAVE to get rid of the Second Amendment and they can't do it with the Supreme Court in the way. The SCOTUS in now under attack and if anyone does not understand the significance of this, they better open their eyes and wake up.

This is the defining moment. If the Biden crime syndicate is not brought to justice, there will be no movement to restore justice in our society. They WILL come for our guns and I guarantee you the American people will not give up their guns. If this moment passes, there will be civil war.

As I said earlier in a comment about the Proud Boys conviction for "seditious conspiracy", the Bolsheviks are facilitating the mass invasion across our southern border and they will use them to replace us and POLICE us. This is already happening in California.... Citizenship requirement dropped for police officers:


We are that close to a jack-booted tyranny which would make Hitler and Stalin green with envy.

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Jeff, what do you make of the tidbit about Walensky never having been officially appointed as the CDC director but rather merely being a senior advisor?


Does that means she has to pay back any overage on her salary since she’s been playacting that role this whole time? (dream on, I know)

“‘In most cases, pandemics truly end when the next pandemic begins. I know that’s a terrible thought but that is the history of pandemics’”

Do any of these people have a memory that stretches back before 2020? Here’s a little primer for those who appear to have BC amnesia:

• Do You Remember? (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/do-you-remember-video)

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Jeff - the road will get tougher as the person replacing Walensky is a true believer of all things Covid in the worst way - he was treated as royalty by NPR during the worst part of the Covid mania - he had a regular afternoon time slot in Maine and the usual softball questions to go with it - he is still preaching vaccination.

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Dear Jeff, I really look forward to your post everyday, despite all the depressing

bats**t crazy lies and actions of the DC cabal, your sarcasm never fails to make me laugh! I love it, so keep up the good work!

BTW, since the shots are not FDA approved, and are only allowed under an EUA, why are they still being given, and even put on “vaccine” schedules, instead of being pulled off the market now that the “emergency” is over and they ARE NOT FDA APPROVED?!

I was skeptical from the beginning, being an RN for 40 years, so I read the actual requirements for an EUA, and I looked up the CDC‘s definition of a vaccine. An Emergency Use Authorization can only granted when there are no other FDA approved available options for treatment, hence the reason for blackballing Ivermectin etc., and it explicitly states there must be informed consent, coercion is forbidden, and people must be free to opt in or opt out. All of these were violated beyond belief! Informed consent was nonexistent, coercion was rampant, and people were not given a choice in many, if not most cases. All violations of the Nuremberg Code as well. The shots did not meet the definition of a “vaccine” (prevents disease and transmission) which is why the CDC quietly change the definition on it’s website, I think in late 2020. I had actually read it before they changed it, and then again after the definition was altered, and I was incredulous. This BS was happening in real time right in front of my eyes! You can’t just change the long-standing accepted scientific definition, but, people had a general understanding and trust in that word, so that’s why they chose to call it a “vaccine”. Untested, new mRNA biologic would not have gone over very well. I have zero trust in the FDA, the CDC, the WHO, and now modern medicine in general. I could not believe how all these medical professionals everywhere just went along with it, including my own MD.

And one last thing as a bachelors trained registered nurse with 40 years experience. I watched on television as they showed hundreds of clips of people getting the shot, and I immediately started noticing that the injections were being given incorrectly 90% of the time. The jabs are an intramuscular injection, IM for short. When giving an intramuscular injection, you always aspirate (pull back on the plunger) to make sure you are not in a blood vessel. If you are, you will see blood come back into the barrel of the syringe when you pull back on the plunger, in which case you remove the needle and start over. You do not want to inject the medication directly into the bloodstream!

It’s supposed to stay in the muscle tissue. I truly believe that some of the bad adverse reactions that people had were due to the fact that the Covid jab was mainlined directly into their bloodstream. It was a total crapshoot. The jabs were often being given by minimally trained personnel to these long lines of people in tents, churches, gyms, their cars, without any informed consent! Were the vials stored correctly (very cold), were people given a record with a vial lot number on it?What kind of records were the jabbers keeping during these mass injection events? The whole thing has been just completely ludicrous.

I was hospitalized for three days in 2021 because I was so stressed out, fearful, and upset that my son, a pilot in the Air Force, and my daughter-in-law, who worked for a big healthcare system, were both forced jabbed or lose your job. I KNEW they could have died or been severely injured. I am so grateful that neither one of them have had any adverse reaction so far. I do know people who have, good friends of mine, who are now having heart issues and one with an arm that has been numb ever since the injection. This is pure evil on a massive scale. With my son being a pilot, I had to look into FAA rules regarding new medications, and I found that the FAA violated their own rules regarding pilots taking new medication’s. According to the rules, and medication must have been FDA approved and on the market for at least a year before a pilot can take, it to make sure there are no adverse reactions that could cause safety issues with the flying public. Yet the military and the airlines force jab their pilots! Now we see the heart issues and the stroke issues. There have been pilots who have had adverse reactions and thankfully none have occurred in flight. FAA also just recently lowered the standards for pilot annual physical EKGs. Too many were showing prolonged PR intervals and they would lose too many pilots unless they changed the standard by increasing the allowed length of the PR! It’s completely mad. I now hesitate to fly. The wealthy elites are now requesting unjabbed pilots! 🤬🤬

So really, thanks again for your optimism in showing progress against the machine, for your hilarious sarcasm, and for your truth telling. I need it. We definitely need more like you!

All the best and God bless you,


Never tested positive, never jabbed 🙏🏻

Shadow banned and shunned but still hopeful that the truth keeps shining it’s light! ✌🏻

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Walensky is out because that was the plan all along--from years ago. They put patsies in, pay them off, then KNOW they will remove them when their dirty deeds are done. They do it with agency directors generals and presidents among many others. She exhausted her purpose, and now it's important to take the bad out and start anew so people have no one to go after. All crimes swept under the rug, a new regime makes it all good. Is there any coincidence that she is "resigning" as the EUA and state of emergency is called off? Please.

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By the insanely sadistic creeps at WHO declaring an end to yet another of the hundreds of fake pandemics over the last 60 years or so, they have opened the door for the next billy g sponsored fake pandemic to arrive. Bring it on, you turds!

This time, your local bug juice shop will be providing everyone with a kit of 12 self-injectable mRNA substances guaranteed to stimulate your inner workings. At a cost of $2495 with an early bird discount down to only $1995. Free shipping of course. No waiting in line, no paying for gasoline, no masking, no problem.

There is even a discount coupon for $500 off of the coffin of your choice should the unthinkable, unimaginable and inevitable occur before you are ready. Sorry, no freebies this time because as we know with the recent funding-the-DC Swamp battle the government has vowed to reduce spending over the next 10 years...yet again.

The CDC and whatever nonsense they are doing is of NO concern to me. The CDC is pure waste of time and effort. Everyone working there is a murdering butcher in my opinion. No exceptions!

All those studies combined to get some sense of how fast the mRNA injections lose their power...I cannot stop laughing. That assumes that all those studies are of at least some merit. I have extreme doubts. mRNA substances have only one purpose and it ain't related to efficacy and safety.

FDA recalls? I think not because someone somewhere will tell them to bypass the contamination and go with the flow. It just recently happened with mRNA substances in case you slept through it.

Did ya know that by the year 2060 there will be so many autistic adults and children that it will cost this country about $5.5 trillion every year to care for them? This is a conservative estimate and the entire medical community still says autism is genetic. I don't recall this being much of a problem before gobs of vaccines were being forced into our kids. Hint, hint for those of you still blindly trusting big pharma vaccines and mRNA substances.

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