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So, yesterday I bit the bullet and nestled in for a little Pfizer sponsored MSM playoff football game. Now, to be clear, I haven’t engaged in any “television” since the MLB playoffs some months prior - when the “vaccine” propaganda whores were practically leaping off the screen at the speed of science, slapping me around like a only a good pimp could - so it took a minute to swipe the ¼ inch of accumulated dust off my mud flap antenna that was unceremoniously tossed to the floor after the Braves got bounced out of the playoffs. Television and all of its associated twaddle was once again officially dead and buried under the living room tile of my modest Florida abode. Good riddance.

Well, there I was, fully expecting to be pulverized by the same clot shot locomotive that had waylaid me months earlier, but lo and behold, it was not to be. Imagine my surprise when the one and only blatant attempt at Covid "vaccine" sorcery proved to be considerably subdued compared to last Autumn's hand-picked TV thespian who was splayed out on a hospital bed with tubes jutting in and out of every available orifice, flanked by a Frankenstein's array of heart monitors and electronic contraptions. Our Oscar winning Corona casualty stared into the camera and bemoaned: "I wish I had gotten the "vaccine." Subtle.

Yesterday's promo, oddly enough, had a ring of truth to it,…..something about Covid being bad ESPECIALLY if you’re over 50, have heart disease, diabetes, comorbidities, etc…y’know, the kind of stuff that’s been going on since the beginning of time. Next, they start slobbering about a new and improved magical pill that prevents Covid dirt naps, makes buttered toast, checks your tire pressure and increases your tax refund. I was totally unaware of this recent iteration of Covid pixie dust since I really couldn’t give a flying fig about the latest developments from the rat faced legion of liars at the helm of the pharmaceutical industry. Nonetheless, it’s available for the gullible sheep to indiscriminately gobble up enmasse. Have at it, suckers!

I say all that to say this: Television makes you stupid. Seriously stupid. If you stay glued to the icy rectangle of despair and misery long enough you can actually hear your IQ start to plummet.... and if you're like me and don't have a whole lot of points to spare your spouse may have to start putting away sharp objects, certain toiletries and beloved pets for the safety of the village. On the other hand, when you step away from the MSM absurdities for an extended period of time and then dare venture back into its dark forest of dumbness you become significantly more sensitive and aware of the utter load of slop that they try to cram through your eye sockets and ear hole thingies on a seemingly never ending basis. Case and point: 60 Minutes, always at the forefront of the planet's most pressing issues and never one to steer away from controversy, ran a teaser yesterday where the voice-over uttered this earth shattering little ditty: “What has the Ukraine and Russian war done to the ballet companies?” Whoa...hold that Pulitzer, we've got another entry! Needless to say, I chose to forego this weighty and groundbreaking story, removed my tin foil hat and tip-toed off to bed.

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Oh my goodness, it is reassuring to know I am not the only one who found Scott Adams exceptionally heinous, particularly after viewing this video:


I gratefully welcome his about-face, although framing it like “winning” versus “losing” misses the point entirely. This was not about Team A versus Team B. This was about simply trying to get the entranced to open their bloody eyes to reality and join us in resisting totalitarianism and saving lives.

I also take issue with his implication that he did the “analyses,” whereas we trusted our gut instinct. NO, Scott. WE analyzed the data—NOT you. It was because you were so blinded by your pride and smug belief that you were right that you refused to look at the data. Until you recognize that we had the scientific evidence on our side while you clung to a wet paper towel of disintegrating propaganda, you will not be immune to the next psychological manipulation blitz.

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I watched his (Scott of Dilbert) video and felt several reactions. Condescending, yes. I also noted that he still doesn’t get it. It was never about being right or winning. It was about the truth! It still is about the truth. I never wanted to be right or win and watch people drop dead suddenly and unexpectedly. It has always been about the TRUTH.

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Through You we will push back our adversaries;

Through Your name we will trample down those who rise up against us.

For I will not trust in my bow,

Nor will my sword save me.

But You have saved us from our adversaries,

And You have put to shame those who hate us.

In God we have boasted all day long,

And we will give thanks to Your name forever. Selah.

— Psalm 44:5-8 NASB1995

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Yes for Ryan, no for Scott.

Scott's final (and most damning) statement, to be read back to him at trial:

"All of my fancy analytics got me to a bad place. All of your heuristics — ‘don’t trust these guys, it’s obvious’ — totally worked.”

We applied both analytics and heuristics. Scott applied neither. What Scott did was use his training as a hypnotist to play authority games disguised as Socratic argument. In deploying this strategy, he convinced those who supported him financially to harm themselves and their children, all while setting a torch to constitutional and human rights. The only possible mitigation for Scott is if we find out he was not paid to do so. But the flip side of that coin - that he was paid to pull his tricks - should haunt him at night. Because the punishment for that should be severe.

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Saw that blurb about Scott Adams and while I'm glad he's sort of come around, the _way_ he does that is ... condescending. It's like a "well, this time you just happened to be right" and still thinks those who didn't want an experimental, little-tested, no-long-term-effects-known shot are "anti-vaxxers". Most I know read up on the true risks of the virus (negligible) and did a real risk-reward calculation of taking a drug that had no long term studies. Yes, we didn't know that there would be horrible side-effects at the time, but many took a "let's see what the long term effects are" approach. I was one of those - if there were _actual_ benefits from taking that drug and no horrible side-effects after longer-term studies, I'd have considered it at some point. As it stands, well, I think it's pretty obvious by now how that went.

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I didn't think Scott's apology was very sincere. It seemed more in line with other calls for amnesty, along the lines of "nobody could have known". Coin flip my ass!

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I'm sorry, I don't want to sound callous or uncaring but I just don't accept the argument from all of these people who say they didn't know the vaccine could be harmful.

I did! I have no medical training at all - just common sense. It was an experimental treatment based on a new technology that had not even been tested.

But you didn't know it might be dangerous!? It might not work? Yet you took it and pushed it on others?

I'm having a hard time showing grace to all of these people.

At the time my son was only 6 and even he was easily able to grasp the concept that we had no idea what might happen by giving the vaccine to everyone.

I feel sorry for those who took it. But I don't accept the ignorance argument.

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Did you really send that letter??? That is comedy GOLD. When I was in my twenties (don't judge, this was 20 years ago, my soul and my conscience and my politics have greatly shifted since then), I had great fun writing a parody blog called trekkychick.com. I was proud to elicit many laughs from my friends with that blog, but nothing comes close to that letter you wrote. I feel like you need to frame it and put it on your wall. Well done!!! :-)

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Thanks for the revision in Ryan, he has an interesting story. Despite how he’s flipped his position, no amnesty for him. He was basically a COVID Soundekommamdo, even after he was himself injured. And no amnesty for Clott Adams. His apology or whatever was still full of smug. People (like me) who avoided the jabs did not do so because of “heuristics”, many of us did so because of the actual SCIENCE AND DATA.

There was zero science and zero data suggesting these jabs would do anything other than hasten viral mutation and kill off the Jabbies. Because SCIENCE told those who bothered to look this is what had always happened. So why would it not happen this time? No one ever answered that question.

So...sorry Ryan and sorry Clott, you failed the worlds most important and pervasive IQ test. You’re now ticking time bombs. All of your moral lecturing and pompous, smug attitude has been rewarded with a death sentence. Enjoy. I won’t go dancing on your grave but I’m also not going to morn your passing when it comes. I’ll reserve my sympathy and compassion for your victims.

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I believe in personal forgiveness--what Christian doesn't?--but amnesty is different. Amnesty means that those who pushed the mandates and wished for our death can blithely go on their way and push them again when the next crisis erupts. These people must be shamed for what they did to tear apart this country and sicken people all around the world. And some of them should be legally liable and be sent to jail. We cannot fight the next battle of the Great Reset--and there will be a next battle--if those who tried to take away our freedoms are allowed to go back to business as usual.

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I watched the Bills-Bengals game last night. I detest TV but love football, and being an Ohioan, gotta root for the Bengals because the Browns (my team) are, well, the Browns. Anyhow, if that was really Damar Hamlin there I will eat the Columbus Yellow Pages on the statehouse lawn. Hoodie, dark sunglasses, no clear view of his face, waving his arms over his head (like a person with no recent heart problems and no broken ribs), no interview, no speaking, no nothing. The only face-on shot was with a long lens through a snowstorm. It could have been anyone in that pressbox. I'm calling b.s. I hope he's in bed, recovering, though I'm sure watching that game wasn't good for his heart. That publicity stunt was really uncalled for. If they would have said he was home resting, people would have bought that more than an obvious body double.

The ads for Pfizer throughout the game were ticking me off. Those people are evil for creating the clot shot and STILL pushing it, despite the obvious deaths and injuries it caused. Disgusting. I'll bet their crap will be peppered all over the Super Bowl. How I wish I had the tech here to download one of their videos and play it frame by frame. I swear they are using images or sounds to convince people to take their poison. Why do I say this? Because have you ever heard a person defend the vax? They all say the same. exact. thing. as if repeating from a script. That's from being programmed and brainwashed. Pfizer needs to be leveled. They are producing more harm than good overall.

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I just fail to understand this. Ryan said he specifically studied pandemics. Yet somehow he couldn't figure out that there was something fishy with the Gov'ts response. I am not particularly erudite about that subject but as soon as they started locking things down as a response I knew something was terribly wrong. Even I knew that in the history of medicine, never has the response to a pandemic been to lock down the healthy. In all the history of public health policy, the protocol is to isolate the infected and treat them. Yet the CDC, the PREMIER public health institution the entire world looks to, throws out hundreds of years of public health knowledge and, having thrown their own policy playbook out the window, recommends locking down everyone using the CCP's policy playbook. Furthermore, while I'm not a virologist, it only took me a few days research to understand that you NEVER vaccinate into the teeth of a pandemic. So I fail to understand how Ryan didn't see this. All I can say is that the average American has WAY too much trust in political leaders and Gov't policies.

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That letter! Pure genius. Thank you.

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My letter to the Washington State Health Commission…

Dear Jimmy Chung,

It has come to my attention that your “commission” is targeting Dr. Ryan Cole for prescribing Ivermectin to COVID patients. Wanted to share with you the fact that when I had COVID…I took Ivermectin as a treatment and the results were nothing short of miraculous. Within 4 hours of taking the first dose, my symptoms were reduced by at least 50%. In addition, the creator of Ivermectin won the Nobel price in 2015 which is something I’m sure you and your fellow commissioners deem impressive no doubt. On the other hand, my friends who have taken all the COVID Vaccines and Boosters took “Paxlovid” when they got COVID — their symptoms were much-much worse than mine. As a matter of fact, the 4 different families (4 separate instances) ended up getting COVID again only a short time after completing their “Paxlovid” prescriptions (same goes for Biden and Rochelle Walensky).

See a pattern? Too bad their doctors didn’t prescribe Ivermectin…their outcomes would have been so much better.

Interestingly, the drug “Ivermectin” has a huge upside in the treatment of certain types of cancer. On the NIH’s own website, there are 6 pages (that’s right 6-PAGES) of articles to read through when you get a few minutes to study. Here’s a link to the NIH’s articles on Ivermectin.


I realize Ivermectin is no longer a patented drug — so the Pharmaceutical “windfall” is long gone…but the good news — Ivermectin lives on and Doctors like Ryan Cole have given so many of us the opportunity to utilize its ability to open up our immune cells (allowing ZINC to penetrate them) and mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

The idea of “going after doctors” for prescribing Ivermectin is absurd — surely you and your commissioners wouldn’t do such a thing…would you?

Warm regards,


PS — Pretty much anyone and everyone looking for the right products and services use Google’s ratings as their measuring stick to choose suppliers/professionals/etc. With that in mind, Doctor Cole’s Google rating is a 4.9 and yours is a 1.5 Just thinking out loud here, but wouldn’t you try and learn something from him in lieu of trying to ruin his career?

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"Common Good".

Amnesty is an easy issue to tackle if you use the left's favorite COVID sledgehammer. No one gets amnesty, because the "Common Good" requires it. So what if several hundred thousand people lose their livelihoods and they and their children become lifelong pariahs, eking out a living in the distant fringes of society. It's for the Common Good.

Prostration, self-flagellation, rabid ostracism, merciless shaming and reeducation camps are required for those who pushed jabs. It's for the Common Good. In seven generations, they will be allowed to rejoin.

Seriously, there are some folks who should be forgiven. There are those who clearly should not be forgiven. There are those in the gray area - and Ryan is on of them - who did something he admits he knows was wrong and seems to he honestly contrite (although, the label Illinois Conservative gives me great pause) and has already paid a hefty price for his participation in the pogrom.

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