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If you are in the military, space and privacy are usually very tight and sometimes non-existent.

Who wants to share a sleeping, bathing, bathroom space with someone who is confused about their gender?

At one time, the military would not take anyone, who at any time, took ADHD meds.

Now...The Village People are running the Pentagon.

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Truth Bomb: They didn’t allow Ivermectin because their money is in the vaccines.

They don’t want peace in Ukraine because their money is in the war.

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“If the pandemic response WAS a military operation, it isn’t clear yet what it would imply. Here are three possibilities…”

There’s a fourth. That the vaccine is itself a bio weapon.

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Catturd: The need for continuous boosters shows that the science isn't working...

But the business model is.

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Thanks for the final picture, Jeff. Every time I see a member of Biden's looney-tunes team, I ask myself, "What sane nation puts mentally ill people in charge of running the country?"

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I wish you would write about how Djokovic, the #1 tennis player in the world, is still not allowed to enter the U.S. to play in tennis tournaments because he's unvaxxed. Indian Wells begins Wed and he cannot come to this or U.S. Open. It's outrageous.

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"I suspect Portlanders are about to learn some very tough lessons the hard way."

Most liberals I know learn nothing from the results of what they vote for. There's always someone else to blame.

Regarding those now invited back after being fired for refusing the jab, before accepting I'd not only demand backpay or a large salary increase, but also some form of an agreement stating the employer would never take such action again.

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The military angle is very interesting. Along those lines, I believe I commented before that a friend of mine recently passed away from ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. Back in the day when he joined the Air Force he was given dozens of vaccines to prevent illness should he serve abroad. As it turned out, he never left the United States. But apparently the squalene in one of the vaccines is a known cause of ALS, especially in the military.

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regarding military recruitment problems and trying to recall those tossed to the curb soldiers. My 9.5 yr nephew and my friends 7y yr nephew who left / were kicked out for vaccine issues certainly will NOT be returning to the same woke, racist, sexually confused, actively gay, dishonest military. They consider themselves men of the historic male order who used to have positive views of America.

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Real?? Just dropped. https://dainikbidyaloy.com/2023/03/04/putin-orders-destruction-of-all-covid-19-vaccines-in-russia/

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the destruction of all Covid-19 vaccine stockpiles on Russian soil, citing an undeniable connection between what has been dubbed the “Moscow Vax” and a sudden surge of HIV infections in vaccinated persons, Federal Service Bureau agent Andrei Zakharov told Real Raw News.

Although Putin has not made a formal announcement, he has tasked his right-hand man, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, with purging hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies of the Sputnik and CoviVac vaccine variants. The military will ensure compliance by auditing vaccine repositories and performing spot inspections."

(note the other stories in the sidebar, like the one on Fetterman's wife, and the one on CPAC and Covid Tyranny. Savage!)

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Wait, so is Covid-19 the bioweapon, or is the Vax the bioweapon?

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So much to unpack today! Wowza Jeff!

The lack of prosecution in Portland is real. The city is a nightmare. We had a friend who is an optometrist in downtown Portland who was wading through human feces just to get inside his front door. Walmart closing because of shoplifting and theft? You betchya! That, and a poop problem 🤢.

The military recruitment issue. Yup! If we civilians knew just how badly the clowns in charge were ruining our military in my opinion not one person would enlist. Which I’m not celebrating. It puts our country in serious trouble.

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Insurance analyst Josh Stirling should now compare 2022 to a much earlier year rather than to 2021. Comparing excess mortality of the post-vaccine year to the vaccine year is like comparing a disaster to a calamity. 2019 or earlier would have been a much better baseline year to examine. Then we could really know much better about the mortality impact of the COVID vaccines.

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My grandson had planned for years to have a military career, just like his grandpa. He met with recruiters of all 4 services during his sophomore HS year and had decided on the Army. That was when Covid was just starting up. By the time he graduated from HS he had decided (or maybe realized) that bodily autonomy was more important than building a career with the government. He has never been jabbed. Never got covid. I'm proud of him for standing up for himself.

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I have several younger (30+) friends who have honorably served in the military for well over ten years, sought religious exemptions, and were subsequently denied and subjected to various forms of harassment and humiliation, as well as threatened by dishonorable discharges - all designed to pressure them into compliance or, to make dramatic examples of them so as to pressure the compliance of others.

By the grace of God, they stood their ground in the face of disgusting and dishonorable actions by the very senior officers they were called to respect and follow into harm’s way, and I am so proud of each of them!

While it is sad that it has come to this; that what they had planned as a full career will now be abandoned, they now, thankfully, are able to leave the service with honorable discharges. Incredibly, however, their superiors are now striving to get them to re-enlist!

I believe that, if we were living in the pre-2020 world, they would probably do so. But these young men and women have learned that they cannot trust their officers or the military brass to live up to their vows; to be honorable; to be trustworthy. Consequently, they are ‘casting their bread upon the waters’, in faith that God will guide as they follow their conscience’s in these incredibly uncertain and confusing days.

I know only a handful personally, but I hope there are many more such young men and women of true courage and integrity in our country, who are willing to pay the price to be true to their vows, fundamental values, and beliefs in the face of what is, essentially, dishonorable and corrupt, if not evil, ‘leadership’ ...

It has always been the case that those who join the military, do so with the knowledge that they could be sent into harms way in defense of our national security. That remains true today, although we can now see that ‘national security’ claims have often been a cover for matters that have nothing to do with that - unless it be to undermine it.

Whether they realize it or not, what has changed is that those who join the military now, are signing up to be placed in harms way, with a ‘real and present danger’ from within their very branch of service. And it is the very best of potential recruits that would most likely have the critical thinking skills and awareness of this fact, as well as the character to ‘just say no’ - refusing to enlist.

Even though unique in certain ways, the military is a microcosm of our broader society, and it is extremely hard - for me, at least - to see how trust in our institutions can ever be regained, unless the status quo is completely upended. And the critical question, it seems to me, is; ‘Can the patient survive the operation?’

The ship of State is sinking, and perhaps the best we can do is strive to retard the rate at which the flooding is occurring - which is always a great idea! As to whether the ship can be saved or not, wellI don’t know the answer, except to say, ‘May God help us, because that is truly our only hope!’

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“Is not My word like fire?” declares the Lord, “and like a hammer which shatters a rock?”

— Jeremiah 23:29

“For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven,

And do not return there without watering the earth

And making it bear and sprout,

And furnishing seed to the sower and bread to the eater;

So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth;

It will not return to Me empty,

Without accomplishing what I desire,

And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.”

— Isaiah 55:10-11


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