Two years too late Ben. How many people succumbed to these planned death shots because of your inability or unwillingness to seek the truth on this matter? Being research impaired has its consequences. I'm dumber than a box of rocks, if I can figure this out ANYBODY can. You and your PR agent need to coordinate your "Apology Tour" post haste. Oh....and hire a bodyguard or six. (Trust me, you're on a whole new list now.) Regardless, we've got a spot for you here on Team Sanity.

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We have to welcome the vaccinated who have now turned to our side. It’s probably the most important part of todays post. We win when a majority of the vaccinated wake up because major legislation has to happen to prevent so much of what has gone down over the last two years. We also need to limit the executive branch overreaching powers of late. Apologies will be appreciated though.

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‘I have not previously reported on the trial, as curious as it was, because I immediately saw what Brooks was up to, and wanted to avoid any possibility, however slim, of helping him win a mistrial.’

Now that’s what I call Responsible Journalism (and Substackism!).

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When the CDC analysis of the Pfizer and Moderna trials came out, they were publicly available. They showed extremely clearly that there was less than 1% difference in the infection rate in the Pfizer trials between the jabbed and the unjabbed. For Moderna it was between 1.2 and 1.3% difference. They showed that there was.02% difference in asymptomatic “infection“ between the jabbed and unjabbed. This made it obvious that it made no difference in transmission. It was all completely obvious. It was public and online before the vaccine rollout. I even sent it to my virologist niece and asked her to help me in case my math was incorrect. She read it and said no my math was correct. She went and got the shots for herself and her nine-year-old son anyway. It’s like no one could absorb any information other than what the MSM was saying. Even the official government analysis of the actual drug trials.

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Even without public data, it was easy to determine, as early as March 2021, that the vaccines were a ruse for something else.

When you have to try so damn hard, using propaganda, shaming, coercion, etc... you KNOW there is a BIG LIE behind the effort.

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Jeff I hear you about Ben Shapiro, but

clearly his apology is for business reasons.

Blaming the liars for lying to him is a weak

play, especially since there were many

scientists, doctors, analysts and

researchers who were skeptical and onto

the covid hoax very early. They were

cancelled, silenced and ignored. Shapiro

and others chose not to listen (at all) and

were complicit. Did they even look at the

Great Barrington Declaration!?

We don't need Ben Shapiro. We need

fighters with courage!

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Oct 27, 2022·edited Oct 27, 2022

“We have to figure out what to do with these people.”


It is hard. Especially when it’s people who seemingly should have known better.

I mean, when did CONSERVATIVES ever trust government? When did Bible believing Christians trust the advice coming out of the mouth of a self-proclaimed Christian doctor who also believes murdering children, as long as they are not yet born, is okay? (Francis Collins)

(I think it is different when a non-Christian person spouts advice… and happens to believe abortion is okay… I still would take any ethical advice they offer with a carton of salt, because clearly their moral framework is not aligned with mine. But, they at least wouldn’t be claiming to be one thing while actually being another. The Bible is pretty clear about the sacred value of life.)

Anyway, yes, we do need to figure out how we are going to respond to these people.

I have ambivalent feelings. Some, like Dr Mulhotra, I think, well, better now than never. But also, I have no particular relationship with him, so it’s easier.

Others with whom I have some kind of relationship, it’s harder.

One thing that is helping me is the example of my anti-v friends, the ones who have ALWAYS been in favor of natural immune supports and who have NEVER subjected their kids to the routine ones. They are without exception gracious and kind. No “I told you so,” or “well, if you had done your own research….” They simply smile and agree as I lament learning what they already knew.

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Jeff, I love your substack, but your talk about the “them” who took the shots and then came around, and whether you should forgive “them” or what not is upsetting. You are self-employed and living in Florida. You had the luxury of making the choice not to get the shot and (hopefully) not suffer any great repercussions. This is not the case for the vast majority of population. We are a family of four formerly living in California. The shots were mandated for both of my sons. The choice we had was either to give them the shot or have them sit in their room, all alone, unable to come out for over a year. If that is not a recipe for mental health problems, I don’t know what is. My husband and I, both retired and not personally under any pressure, took the shots first, to see if we develop any side effects, so the boys could then try and claim some sort of medical exemption if they can. I developed paresthesia which has still not gone away. My husband is now suffering from pretty bad tinnitus. When the boosters were announced we pulled our kids, packed up and moved to a “backwater” state where we are thankfully left alone. My younger son was aiming for Stanford and Princeton, and is now applying to a local college where the kids and the teaching standards are quite below his ability. I could continue with this litany of what we lost by moving, but I won’t. I don’t need anyone’s forgiveness.

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Oct 27, 2022·edited Oct 27, 2022

Having only read the occasional tweet from Ben Shapiro, I really have no animus for him. However, your statement has given me pause. "As a Christian, I’m required to give them grace, the same grace I’ve received." Thank you for this reminder. It has been a hard two+ years with disappointment from many people. Brilliant but uninformed close family members who wondered if I had gone down the rabbit hole. Employers who mandated the jab and masks. Employees who did not understand why I just did not take it. With all of this and more, I decided to retire early, leaving a high six figure salary, downsizing my home, mostly because of the stress of fighting the mandated jab and horrible Biden decisions that impacted my work. However, through all of that God was with me. He allowed me the financial means, albiet greatly reduced, to retire and even take care of my elderly mom. I am so grateful to have this time with her that I could never get back. He allowed me this time to get closer to Him and see that despite what it looks like, He is ultimately in control. How can I not pray for that same grace for my family, former employers and employees, neighbors, and yes, Ben, et. al.?

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I suspect that "gentle" Ben was on the COVID vaxxx bandwagon because it was pushed so heavily by Mother Israel. He should have listened to a real doctor, Dr. Zelenko.

Agree that he is most likely "controlled opposition".

Re: Fetterman - A very sad case. Nothing one can do to help him - dead man walking...

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Oct 27, 2022·edited Oct 27, 2022

Well, you're a lot more forgiving than I. Of course the govt lied about the shots. Of course they knew many of the mandates were illegal. They didn't care because they wanted to get that crap in the arms of as many people as possible, and they went to great lengths to accomplish that goal, regardless of the consequences.

The problem I have with all the idiot sheep who took the shots is, "the govt lied to me" is no excuse. This may sound harsh, but if they lack the critical-thinking skills to make their own decisions, then they deserve to suffer the consequences. These are the people who were MORE than happy to publicly ridicule, and even physically attack, the "antivaxxers". They virtue-signaled and bragged about their moral superiority every chance they got. They fought to take away our jobs and livelihoods. Now, they're sorry?? As far as I'm concerned, they can all get bent. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. We warned them.

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Shapiro is smart but hard headed and has his blind spots. Did you know his wife is a doctor?!? (He reminds people of this frequently or he used to). My bigger concern is how many people did SHE push to get the vax. With both of their platforms combined, they are both likely responsible for many vax injuries, not to mention the psychological berating and contribution to discrimination against purebloods. I don't have quite as much grace to extend him because when it happens again, I think he will likely defer to the experts again. While he is right on many issues, I still consider him "establishment".

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He's too much of an insider to appeal to me, but Ben probably changed many more minds with that single rant. Its way better than being a coward and pretending like it never happened.

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Wait until we find out that the U.S. was responsible for the bioweapon, C19, and the release was connected to Ukraine, not China....and that the war in Ukraine is to cover that up, but oops, Putin knows about it.

Just wait.

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Dear Ben Shapiro,

For the past 2 years you've promoted misinformation and encouraged people to get the covid "vaccines". Unlike many of us, your misinformation was from the "approved narrative" and you weren't banned from social media or shunned by friends and family.

I'm glad you've finally woken up and are now maybe ready to do some actual journalism and look into the concerns many of us have had for over 2 years about the covid shots.

We are not crazy conspiracy theorists. Why have we been silenced? Why is it wrong to have a different opinion or concerns? When did science change to not allow debate?

You have a lot of catching up to do..... many of the things you uncover will be very disturbing.

Please use your platform to end the covid shot program, to stop the mandates, AND to never allow any of this to happen again.



P.S. https://youtu.be/t-2rnEdK0HQ

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Dr. Oz vs. Featherhead? Oz gets my vote. He already has a one stroke lead and they're not playing golf.

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